Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Thanks go out to Mark for sharing this uncirculated show with us. It's always a treat to come across a recording that we haven't had access to. This was recorded on an iphone and the sound quality is not great but considering the recording source and conditions, it's more than listenable. Sometimes, with an audience recording, you get what you get and with uncirculated shows, from where I stand, it's always a matter of archiving taking presedence over sound quality.  I'm going to attempt to enhance the sound on this one and if I get good results, I'll replace the link with the new version. As always, anyone out there who is good with sound enhancement, feel free to remaster any of the shows here and let's see what we end up with.

Even The Nights Are Better
Just As I Am
Here I Am
Faith In Love
The Power Of Love
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
Dance With me
Every Woman In The World
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Me Like You
All Out Of Love



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  2. how about the live in tokyo 1984 is there any video, thank you

  3. The newly renovated fan club sold the final item in the ‘Now and Forever’ karaoke/video project, a unique CD-ROM called ‘As Close As This...’ An Interactive Voyage Into The Music of Air Supply. Clive Gardiner and Rosemary Tan produced the ambitious and highly creative CD-ROM, which required a rather powerful computer at that time. The CD featured 50 minutes of exclusive video footage, a new song entitled ‘Mother Said,’ personal career diary of Air Supply, trivia, a media-bank of press articles and many never-before seen photos. The project gave fans a glimpse into the personal, and often guarded lives of Graham and Russell. “I hope you will enjoy the journey and get to know us a little better,” says Russell, “as we’ve shared not only our ‘job’ but also our private lives with you. The last 20 years has been an incredible experience for me. Our beginning in Australia, our first experiences in the U.S. and Asia, our successes and a million other things have been captured for you to explore here.” The CD-ROM was manufactured and distributed by BMG International Asia Pacific and Giant Records, and was mostly sold through retail outlets in Asia. In North America, the CD-Rom was sold exclusively through the official fan club in very small quantities. It quickly sold out and has become a highly desired item with collectors. ‘As Close As This...’ and the debut 1976 CD from Rainbow Records are perhaps the two most difficult Air Supply items to find today.

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