Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is a compilation I made of tracks that are hard to find or not available on Air Supply albums

Love And Other Bruises (Live, 1977 radio broadcast)
If You Knew Me (1976, B-side of Love And Other Bruises single)
Believer (1979, B-side of Australian Lost In Love single)
Late Again (1982, studio version)
I Can't Stay Away (from Take Time but actually an Air Supply track)
Crazy Love (1985, B-side of Just As I Am single)
Swear To Your Heart (1989, from Arachnaphobia)
The Vanishing Race (live)
Faith In Love (original 2005 version)
I Am Australian
TV Wars (also known by fans as It's So Insane)
Why (original version)
Me And The River
The Long And Winding Road

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