Monday, December 19, 2011

This is the audio rip from the 1991 DVD of the same title that was released through the fan club. I was hoping to upload the video also but that disc seems to have disappeared. Shame. Regardless, this is a great set from `91, a time when Air Supply was a pretty serious little rock band. The new songs have an edge and maturity to them and the classic hits are played with a new passion. I haven't edited out the spoken portions of the program because I found Graham and Russell's anecdotes to be entertaining and actually flowed well with the show. I did split those portions into seperate tracks, though. The sound is great, the band sounds heavy and the vocals are perfection. One of the highlights of this set is the rehearsal take of Dancing With The Mountain. It's interesting to hear the band work through a live arrangement of a song, bouncing ideas off each other, with Graham clearly the driving force but open minded to everyone.

Graham Speaks
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
The One That You Love
Russell Speaks
Lost In love
Here I Am
Never Fade Away
Sweet Dreams
Dancing With The Mountain (Reheaersal)
Dancing With The Mountain
Without You
Graham Speaks
All Out Of Love
Stand Up
Late Again
Russell Speaks
The Earth Is...


  1. Hello, Airhead. Thanks for all the new files and for letting us - we Brazilian Airheads at the Orkut fan club - know about it. I got a good copy from The Earth DVD and will be uploading it still in December right to our Air Supply Brazilian Fan Club Blog at the It was ripped off from the original VHS tape. It'll be my present to all the fans who have been eager to get it for ages. See ya and happy Xmas!

    Tony Nascimento

    1. has this been posted yet? i cant seem to find it :( i am extremely eager to view it!

  2. Tony, you're welcome. I'm glad to let you guys know when the blog is updated. When you upload the videowill you share thelink with me or share a link to your blog so I can post it here also? Thanks.


  3. Hello! I'll post the link to our blog in Brazil (I always say "our" because there are so many people helping me out with it and their support is great), but I'll let you know about it as soon as I do it, sure. See ya soon!

  4. Hello dj tony and oldhabits do you have the air supply the vanishing race tour 1993 audio,news from nowhere tour 1995 and the book of love tour 1998 ,please share it thank you very much, happy new year, waiting for that soon

  5. The Live From Nowhere bootleg that was preciously posted here is from the News From nowhere tour.

  6. ok thank you very much i love it , i already download that and collect, and more video's TO COME and more air supply concert audio and video soon,,,,,specially the cherry hill 99 and air supply vanishing race tour or any air supply concert around the world, good day, i love air supply music always.

  7. good day!!! i'm waiting for the video version of the earth is live again coz im glad and happy to watch air supply in action ... thank you very much , thank you for sharing...

  8. It will be about a week before I can post the two videos I removed, The Earth and Live In Cuba. I have two new copies of those discs being sent to me but I won't receive them for several days. They will be posted as son asI receive and rip the discs. Thanks for all your comments.

  9. how can i track more air supply video and live audio if this site have the problem now, is there any site?, i write you also in your email add thank you oldhabits for sharing us always

  10. Actually, this DVD was recorded in 1988--3 full years before the actual release of the album. They announced this project through the fan club at the time and said it had already been recorded in 1988 and that their new album would be "killer". They even mentioned being on a record label called Enigma. I have no idea what happened to that deal but obviously delays were incurred on this. I believe Arista was actually originally supposed to release this DVD then it got scrapped when they parted ways--then something was going on with Enigma and it took till 1991 with Giant for the new album to finally be released--but this concert is from 1988.