Friday, December 16, 2011


Last year when I uploaded the audio rip of this show, I promised the video. Better late than never, isn't that what they say. Although this was an officially released concert video, it is long out of print and stands as the band's only official live document of their seminal era.
Filmed live in Hawaii for HBO in 1982, this excellent concert brought the amazingly popular band into the living rooms of millions of fans . I remember getting the HBO guide and seeing that an Air Supply concert was going to be aired and being so excited. My girlfriend and several friends from school gathered at my house the night it premiered and we felt like we were there.

I Can't Get Excited
Lost In Love
Every Woman In The World
Don't Turn Me Away
Now And Forever
Here I Am
Sweet Dreams
Even The Nights Are Better
One Step Closer
Late Again
I Want To Give It All
All Out Of Love
I've Got Your Love
The One That You Love
This Heart Belongs To Me

NOTE: Quality of the video is better than the captured image used in this post.


  1. Thanks,
    I'd like to share a clip of this show in Hawaii(even the nights are better) in a better sound and picture quality.

    Can you tell how to do it?


  2. Just upload the file to a fileshare service like and share the download link here in comments.

  3. hello! i cant extracted the video Hawaii please help me ,thank you very much . is there any site to download that video... what will i do to finish the video in 100% to extract... the file is looking for volume to complete the extracted in 100% to complete and to use the video, whats that... thanks! ,,, please help to watch the air supply concert

  4. Did you download BOTH rar files, part 1 and 2? You must have both rar files in the same folder to extract. Just make sure you have both parts, then extract from part 1. It will extract the video into one file. Let me know if you still have trouble.

  5. Good morning!!! i download it part 1 and part 2 and i extracted it and it done to become 1 video only , i already watch the video now , great video i like it very very much,, thank you very much and more power to this site air supply world wide live and waiting for more air supply shared audio and video hard to find concert... happy new year

  6. how about the single song "My love" or "My love is beyond compared" did Russell Hitchcock do this songs?, what is the truth about this single, give info about this single and shared this hard to find single, this song is bonus track from their compilation billboard album of air supply cassette way back 1980's , please track this song.... thank you again...

  7. I've heard "My Love Is beyond Compare" and I will tell you with 100% certainty that it is not performed by Air Supply. The vocalist is clearly not Russell Hitchcock and the rumor that it is an Air Supply song is false.

  8. Hi,
    Finally I just uploaded the song Even the nights are better in Hawaii, HQ Video.
    Here's the link to download:
    131.7 MB
    3': 47''

  9. Thank you for sharing. I downloaded the video but am having trouble with playback. I get only audio and it is stuttered. I can tell that the audio is perfect quality and would like to see the video also and hear it without the corruption. Would you mind downloading the video and checking it to see if it is the file or something on my end. I've downloaded it twice and same problem. Thanks.

  10. Hi,
    I've just downloaded the video and it is OK. I think you need to install any additional codecs or filters because the video is in VOB format and uses MPEG-2, this is the video format used on DVDs and SVCD discs.
    To play the video well try to install VLC Media Player(, or the other option is to install The K-Lite Codec Pack which has several decoders and a video player called "Media Player Classic"
    Once you do this, you should play the video very well.
    Hope it helps
    Let me know if you still have trouble,


  11. Hey, George...

    Thanks. I have VLC and klite codec pack. I don't know what the problem was. I downloaded the video a third time and it plays fine in Media Player Classic. I will make a new post with the link to your upload. I wish I could get the whole concert in HD. This video is beautiful. Thanks.

  12. I'm glad you like it.
    I've been trying to restore some old stuff lately, although it takes a lot of time.
    Here's a sample of what can be done, watch this clip (also HD):
    Can I have your email address, OldHabits? So we can talk a bit more. Mine is

  13. Coincidentally, I think I may have subscribed to your youtuube channel today....think it's yours at least. Drop me an email at because I'd like to talk to you about your audio restoration skills. I've done some audio enhancement to some of the shows herebut I am struggling with an incredible show from 1985. The setlist and performance is phenomenal but the sound is bad, also lots of audience clapping close to the taper. It's a shame because this show is too great to beposted in its current sound quality. Maybe you'd like to take a stab at it or offer some advice on what to do with it? I could send you a couple sample tracks so you could hear what I'm tlaking about.

  14. Oh crap, megaupload is gone... :(((( Too late

  15. Hi, I´ve always wanted to have this show but the link isn't working anymore, how can I get it?
    If any, please let me know:

  16. anyone to know song by russel hitchcook #my love#