Thursday, December 29, 2011

NOTE: This is not the officially released version of Russell's second solo album. If you do not own a copy of the official release, you are encouraged to support the artist and purchase the CD.

The story is that an ex-girlfriend of Russell's made this demo tape available for auction on ebay. Of course, from there it inevitably found its way into the hands of fans and collectors. When I received a copy and listened to it, it was like a gift. I loved the album, recorded in 1995 with Russell's voice at it's pinnacle, a great band and some great songs, and I wondered why it hadn't seen official release. To Russell's credit, he combatted the leak of this demo with an official, remastered and remixed release of the album. As I said above, if you don't have that official release, you should definitely buy it and support Russell's music. If you're a big enough fan that you're here for rare music, you'll love the album. These demos are posted here for their historical value and to give anyone who hasn't heard it the chance to listen to the album as it was originally produced back in `95. Enjoy.

Never Say never
Brokenhearted Love
I'll be Good To You
The Eyes Of Love
All These Years
Beside Myself
Every Young Man's Dream
Take Time
Find My Way Out Of You
Only Time Will Heal A Broken Heart


  1. por favor quiero descargar russell hitchcock take time

  2. Hi. I am desperately trying to find the single version of russell's song "swear to your heart". It begins with the line "these days" instead of "caught in your web" you have this song to share? It's impossible to find!!! Thanks.