Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is a pretty nice audience recording from 2000. A good show in Taiwan from the Yours Truly tour.

Sweet Dreams
Even The Nights Are Better
Here I Am
Bass Jam
The Scene
Only One Forever
If I Fell
The One That You Love
Jed's Solo
Lost In Love
Every Woman In The World
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
All Out Of Love


  1. Thank you very Oldhabits.
    That's a great finding. I also love Air Supply.
    I hope to join this site.
    My question is: How did you manage to have all this rare AS stuff? I have my own collecction but problably not as much as you have.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi's just a collection I've bilt trading with people over the years and searching for bootlegs online. It's not so large as you might think. Air Supply bootlegs are hard to come across and most of my colection has been posted already, just a couple more shows to put up so I'm psacing them out a little and always looking for new ones. If you have anything in your collection that's not here, let me know, would love to share it with everyone.


    1. hi more air supply live please......waiting that always to this site to share air supply concert video and audio...... specially 80's and 90"s hard to find concert......... thank you very much..... for sharing....

  3. Has anyone else had any trouble downloading from this site lately? I tried this evening and I'm getting a message that megaupload has had their site seized. Not sure if there is a method to get around this? Thanks! Mark