Monday, July 19, 2010

Live From Nowhere (1995)

This is a very good audience recording from the News From Nowhere tour. The show opens with acoustic renditions of Lost In Love and Here I Am and offers excellent versions of The Vanishing Race, Someone and Don't Be Afraid. Unchained Melody is simply incredible. For quite some time after I got this show, I didn't listen to it. I've always preferred the sound when they toured with a fuller band and this was the first tour as a stripped down five man unit without lead guitar. I have to admit, when I finally got around to giving it a fair listen, I really came to love this performance.

Lost In Love
Here I Am
The Vanishing Race
Unchained Melody
Sweet Dreams
Don't Be Afraid
Don't Tell Me
Now An Forever
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
The One That You Love

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