Friday, July 16, 2010

Live In Florida (1989)

In 1989, Air Supply was touring without a current album to promote. This show from Florida features a killer setlist, though I was a little surprised to see that ther most recent album, 1987's Hearts In Motion, was completely ignored. On the other hand, there are several tracks that would appear two years later on The Earth Is. In fact, in the bones of this setlist you can find the structure of the standard The Earth Is tour shows coming into place. The sound on this one is somewhat heavy on the treble-end but it is still a superior remaster of the original tape, which was extremely muffled and muddy to the point of being unlistenable. Highlights of this show are Two Less Lonely People In The World in it's original album arrangement, Great Pioneer and the underrated and underplayed classic My Best Friend from the Lost In Love album.

The Power Of Love
Two Less Lonely People In The World
Never Fade Away
Lost In Love
Sweet Dreams
Stronger Than The Night
Great Pioneer
Here I Am
She's Got The Answer
All Out Of Love
The Earth Is...
Dancing With The Mountain
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Band Intros
Stand Up
Late Again
My Best Friend


  1. nice songs air supply live and great performance,, do you have a video of these sir please appload here and more live concert from the past if you have sir/mam.waiting for more ,thank you very much sir