Saturday, July 17, 2010

Live In Tokyo (2002)

The sound quality of this recording from a 2002 Tokyo performance is exceptional, considering it is from an audience tape. There is another version of this show floating around but the sound on that recording is quite muffled. This is either from another source recording or a remastered version of the same source. This show, while recorded at a time when Russell was having voice troubles, finds him in pretty good form, though I did notice the heavy use of a reverb effect on his vocals to give them some lift. Highlights are an excellent version of Chances opening the show, a poetry reading from Graham and the tracks from Yours Truly, which is my least favorite Air Supply album, but the tracks come across nicely in concert.

Even The Nights Are Better
Here I Am
Sweet Dreams
Graham Russell: Poetry Reading
The Scene
Yours Truly
Only One Forever
Piano Solo
The One That You Love
Every Woman In The World
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
All Out Of Love

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