Friday, July 16, 2010

Live In Chester (2010)

I've noticed with the release of Mumbo Jumbo that Air Supply shows are being more actively recorded. I can't recall another tour where concert recordings were available so soon after the performance. In the realm of bootlegged artists, Air Supply seems to have been under-recorded in comparison to a lot of other acts. I think their new status as somewhat the elder statesmen of romantic pop rock, tapers are taking their live show a little more seriously. I hope this bodes well for the availability of future recordings. This show, recorded from the audience in Chester, PA, suffers from a "distance" in the sound quality but it will be of interest to fans and the sound isn't too bad overall...just turn up the volume. This one is on my list of shows to remaster, in hopes of drawing the sound out some, but in the meantime here's the original recording.

Setting The Scene/Even The Nights Are Better
Just As I Am
Here I Am
Hold On
Faith In Love
The Power Of Love
A Little Bit More
The One That You Love
Lost In Love
Dance With Me
Every Woman In The World
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Me Like You
All Out Of Love

Note: I noticed I made a mispelling in tagging Every Woman In The World. You'll just need to rename the file.

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