Friday, July 16, 2010

Rare Songs Live (Compilation)

This compilation features some of the rare songs that Air Supply has performed in concert. Being that it is compiled from various audience recordings, the sound quality of the tracks varies from decent to very good. The fluctuation in quality is a small price to pay to hear some of these rare songs. Some of these songs really should have been released as album tracks...My Life, Your Touch, Let's Talk About Love come to mind. It's also nice to hear the live version of The River Cried from Russell's first solo album and a couple tracks from Graham's Heart Of The Rose rock opera.

Glitzy Queen
I Can't Stay Away
Innocent Eyes
Labour Of Love
Late Again (90s version)
Late Again (80s version)
Let's Talk About Love
Medley (with Dionne Warwick)
My Life, You're Touch
She's Leaving Home
Stand Up
The Earth Is...
The Final Power
The Way It's Meant To Be
The River Cried
Only One Forever

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