Sunday, July 18, 2010

Live In Charlotte (1985)

Considering this is a 25-year-old audience recording, this 1985 show from Charlotte, North Carolina offers surprisingly good sound. As with the entire tour, the setlist is great and the band is in excellent form. There's a moment of "drop-out" during Don't Be Afraid (probably the taper switching sides on his tape as this was originally recorded on a 90 minute cassette) but overall it's a really nice bootleg. Highlights are When The Time Is Right, a killer version of Just As I Am, the great Don Cromwell composition I Can't Stay Away and a hilarious comment from Russell that he'd "never seen so many wet women before." It was a rainy day and an outdoor show.

Sweet Dreams
I Wanna Hold You Tonight
Lost In Love
Here I Am
Even The Nights Are Better
When The Time Is Right
Just As I Am
I Can't Let Go
Don't Be Afraid
Black And Blue
The One That You Love
All Out Of Love
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
I Can't Stay Away
Band Intros
This Heart Belongs To Me


  1. You probably know how spectacular this is, but you have NO idea of how happy you made a fan in Brazil. There were 4 or 5 concerts I didn't dream that would exist, and some tracks that I wanted so bad to listen to live.

    I have a few recordings that are not that rare, but if you want to use them, it would be a pleasure to share: Iowa 91 (great quality), Irvine 82 (ditto) and Cherry Hill 99 (not really good). Congrats and tks!

  2. please share that audio concert soon, i'm happy about that ,i want to hear, Iowa 91 (great quality), Irvine 82 (ditto) and Cherry Hill 99 (not really good). thank you very much,, how about video of any air supply concert....

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  4. Irvine:

  5. Iowa:

  6. hello sir please help me to find that concert cherry hill 99, in torrent i search that concert but the problem is i cant download the file,, thank you sir please help me and share a file of that concert...i'm happy for your reply sir......., more power and godbless

  7. still waiting for more old air supply rare concerts,, thank you

  8. rmgaspar,

    good day do you have the video of live in ervin and iowa, please share .. thank you, any live air supply?